How to Stop Calls from Electricity Marketers

Getting Your Number Removed from Electricity Marketing Call Lists

If you wish to avoid calls from electricity marketers, there are two primary steps that should be taken.

The first is to get your phone number placed on the “do not call” lists. There is both a federal and state do not call list, and it is best to have your number placed on both. You can have your number placed on the national do not call registry by signing up at You should do the same for the Pennsylvania do not call list at

There may be a time lag between when you sign up for the do not call lists and when your number is actually placed on them, since it takes time for these lists to be updated and published. This may take a few months, during which you may still receive marketing calls.

A second step that should be taken is to have your electricity account removed from the “eligible customer list” (ECL). The ECL is a list of electricity accounts that PECO is required by law to provide energy marketers. The purpose of the ECL is to encourage competition in the electricity market. All PECO customers can choose to opt out of being placed on the ECL. To do so, you should call PECO customer service at 1-800-494-4000, where you can talk to a representative or opt out through an automated menu system. You can also print the last page of the opt out form, which you can access in the files below. Once you have completed the form you should mail it back to PECO along with your next electric bill. These lists are published monthly, so the account will be removed from the following month’s list and all future lists.

It is also important to note that electricity marketers are expected to honor direct requests from customers to be omitted from future marketing phone calls. This applies to door-to-door visits as well.

Reporting Illegal Activity

If you complete these steps yet continue to receive phone calls from electricity marketers, then you should report this illegal activity. A first step for reporting illegal electricity marketing calls is to file an informal complaint with the Public Utility Commission (PUC). You can read more about this process on the PUC’s webpage outlining the informal complaint process. There is also an informational sheet detailing this process, and a telephone hotline at 1-800-692-7380. You should also contact the Attorney General’s office if you believe that the state do not call list has been violated, or the Federal Trade Commission if you believe the federal do not call registry has been violated. If you wish to report someone, be sure to ask the caller who they work for - both the marketing agency that employs them and the electricity company that they represent by contract – so that the agencies you report them to can effectively document the infringement. 


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