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The Co-op Board.


Meet our board.

Industry leaders making a difference

Our board of directors oversees The Energy Co-op. Co-op members vote for the board at our annual membership meeting. You can find more information on our board policies in Article V of our bylaws.

Board President

Board member since June 2011

  • Intellectual property attorney providing brand development and brand protection counseling to businesses, individuals and non-profits
  • Helps middle-market and emerging growth companies understand their competitive landscape and devise practical operating strategies
  • Helping The Energy Co-op build its presence as a low-cost, clean energy provider

Board Vice President

Board member since June 2011

  • 30+ year representing utility, industrial, business and government clients in environmental, natural resource, renewable energy and regulatory issues
  • Former legal branch section chief of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  • First executive director of the Mid-Atlantic Solar Energy Industries Association

Board Treasurer

Board member since June 2015

  • 20+ years of management and executive experience
  • Focused on operational excellence through collaborative partnerships with CEOs and management teams
  • Brings a wealth of financial experience, plus renewable energy industry insight acquired at Gamesa, a leading global wind turbine manufacturer, to his role on

Board Secretary

Board member since November 2000

  • Founded Customized Energy Solutions in 1998
  • Consulted on projects for clients across North America and abroad
  • Focused on low energy prices and helping members pursue options that improve the environment