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responsible energy consumers.

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Why join The Energy Co-op?

Powering your home or business with Renewable Electricity, Renewable Natural Gas, or affordable Home Heating Oil from The Energy Co-op is similar to purchasing energy from any number of other suppliers.


But, we’re not like every other supplier. When you switch to The Energy Co-op, you are choosing to keep your energy dollars local, supporting Pennsylvania’s economy and encouraging the development of more renewable energy in-state.


By signing up for any of our services, you become a member of The Energy Co-op. That means you have a right to know (and vote on) how your energy is sourced and how the organization is run.


To most energy companies, this degree of transparency would be revolutionary. To us, it’s just how we do business.

Member Benefits
  • No sign-up or membership fees and completely transparent pricing.
  • Membership in a local, nonprofit, mission-driven organization.
  • Access to member-only events in Philadelphia and the surrounding area.
  • No contracts – cancel service anytime without cancellation fees.
  • Cooperative ownership means that members vote on the organization’s governance and direction.


Want more information? Review our bylaws here.

2020 Annual Member Meeting

The Energy Co-op’s Annual Member Meeting is your biggest opportunity to exercise your rights as a member-owner. In fact, this meeting forms the foundation for our business model as a cooperative.


The 2020 Annual Member Meeting was held virtually on June 25th from 6:00 – 7:00pm. If you missed it, you can view the recording here.


Want more information? Review our By-laws and most recent Audited Financial Statements.

Join The Energy Co-op

The Energy Co-op uses the power of community to offer 100% renewable electricity, 100% renewable natural gas and affordable, transparently-priced heating oil.