Renewable Electricity

A Different Kind of Renewable Electricity

You want cleaner air. You’re alarmed by damage caused by climate change. You especially want a greener, more sustainable Philadelphia. And you understand that powering your home or business with renewable electricity means more jobs, more clean economy investment, and more energy innovation right here, right now.

But all those mail and telephone offers are confusing, some even misleading. And all you want is renewable electricity—100% wind and solar—from a local supplier you can trust.

100% Renewable Electricity Options

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The Cooperative
Energy Advantage

The Energy Co-op is a nonprofit owned by the people who buy energy with us. That means you’re buying renewable electricity from yourself! No tricks, no gimmicks, no fees. That’s what makes our renewable electricity different. You’re the boss!

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Renewable Energy
You Can Trust

Whether you choose our 100% Pennsylvania renewable electricity to keep your clean energy dollars in our state, or select national wind and solar, your current utility will continue to deliver electricity to your home without interruption. The only difference? A cleaner planet, a cleaner Pennsylvania, a cleaner Philadelphia—for all of us.

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The Energy Co-op uses the power of community to offer 100% renewable electricity, 100% renewable natural gas and affordable, transparently-priced heating oil.