Services We Offer

Clean Electricity. Renewable Natural Gas. Affordable Home Heating Oil. Energy Efficiency.

In Pennsylvania, you have a lot of choices when it comes to energy. The Energy Co-op has been helping Pennsylvanians buy, use, and understand energy since 1979. With us, you can buy clean electricity (with a Pennsylvania-only option to keep your clean energy dollars local), Renewable Natural Gas to reduce the demand for fracking, and home heating oil at low, transparent prices. Join us at The Energy Co-op to build a better, more sustainable Pennsylvania.

Clean Electricity

Keep your clean energy dollars local with our EcoChoice Pennsylvania plan – 100%  renewable electricity, 100% from Pennsylvania. Or, select EcoChoice National for affordable renewable energy for your home or business.

Heating Oil

Our members save an average of $0.15-$0.30 per gallon on home heating oil from reliable, vetted suppliers. Start saving today!

Renewable Natural Gas (RNG)

RNG is primarily methane from decomposed organic materials including from landfills, waste water, and other facilities. Concerned about drilling and fracking in Pennsylvania? Switch to RNG.