PECO February 2021 Bill Information

Important information about your January 2021 and February 2021 Natural Gas Supply Charges.

In late January 2021, we uncovered a billing error that impacted renewable natural gas supply charges for some Energy Co-op members. The error resulted in affected members receiving a PECO bill for their January 2021 billing cycle that did not include charges for renewable natural gas supply from The Energy Co-op, even though such services were provided during this period. We are notifying the affected members of the error in separate communications.

Please note that the affected members still received a PECO bill for the January 2021 billing cycle. However, that bill only included PECO’s delivery charges. It did not include charges for The Energy Co-op’s renewable natural gas supply. All members should be sure to pay their January 2021 PECO bill when it is due.

There is only one option available to us to correct the error for our affected members. Their PECO bill for the February 2021 billing period includes two months of supply charges: the supply charges for the February 2021 billing period, plus another line item for the supply charges for the January 2021 billing period, which were omitted in error from the last PECO bill.

We deeply regret the error, and the confusion, frustration, and inconvenience, it may cause. Please understand that this error did not and will not affect or interrupt the supply of renewable natural gas from The Energy Co-op. We are currently investigating the source of the billing error, which appears to have been caused by an external services provider that transmits data to PECO for The Energy Co-op. Please know that we carefully review all such vendors to ensure that any data transfers required as part of our operations are executed with high degrees of accuracy and security. Once we identify the cause for the error, we will do everything we can to ensure that it does not recur.

Please accept our sincerest apologies, and don’t hesitate to call us at 215.413.2122 or email us at with questions or concerns.




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