What is Renewable Natural Gas?

Renewable Natural Gas (or RNG) is comprised primarily of methane that forms naturally from the decomposition of organic waste in landfills and other waste treatment facilities. Also known as biogas, it is often flared, burning it, and wasting its energy content. However, RNG can also be used like conventional natural gas. But, it is recovered without any drilling or fracking.

Why would I want to change to using RNG?

Conventional natural gas is recovered by deep drilling and environmentally destructive fracking, including here in Pennsylvania. The results? Subsurface and surface disturbance, groundwater contamination, and air emissions of raw methane from drilling and production rigs. By enrolling in The Energy Co-op’s RNG program, you are reducing the demand for conventional natural gas and therefore reducing the environmental damage caused by drilling and fracking. In addition, you are using, and promoting the use of, an abundant, sustainable resource. Finally, you are directly supporting businesses and projects that capture this valuable resource and put it to good use.

Who can sign up for The Energy Co-op’s RNG program?

Anyone who receives a gas bill from PECO or PGW can enroll in The Energy Co-op’s Renewable Natural Gas program.

Does RNG cost more than conventional natural gas?

In the year ended July 2020, the additional cost for the average residence in our service area was between 60 and 75 cents a day, a fraction of the cost of a cup of coffee. For those committed to acting now to improve our environment, we and our RNG program members believe it’s a small cost for a cleaner, more sustainable Pennsylvania. Please note that PECO and PGW change their gas rates every few months. And our RNG program rates are also subject to change monthly (although we work as hard as we can to keep them steady). So, the difference in cost will vary. For those desiring more information, our current RNG rates and detailed terms applicable to PECO and PGW customers can be found here.

Does The Energy Co-op’s RNG program charge any fees?

No. The Energy Co-op’s RNG program does not charge any fees in addition to our RNG rates for your consumption for residential accounts. No enrollment fee, no membership fee, no monthly fee, and no cancellation fee. You can leave the program at any time by notifying your gas utility or us. Of course, we hope you will be like the vast majority of our members and continue to support The Energy Co-op for years to come. Please note that (1) both PECO and PGW charge account and other distribution fees, none of which are paid to The Energy Co-op, and (2) for certain commercial accounts, prudent business practice occasionally requires The Energy Co-op to impose an early cancellation fee that is clearly disclosed in writing and discussed during the enrollment process.

How does The Energy Co-op’s RNG program work?

When you enroll in our RNG program, we become your gas supplier. Your utility (whether PECO or PGW) will remain your distributor. We supply gas to your utility, and the utility delivers it to you. For every unit of gas that you use, your money is going to support the recovery and use of RNG. There is nothing to install and no interruption of service. You will continue to be billed by your gas utility, and The Energy Co-op will be listed as your gas supplier within 1 to 2 billing cycles.

How do I enroll in The Energy Co-op’s Renewable Natural Gas program?

You can sign up at any time online at www.theenergy.coop/enrollment or by emailing us at info@theenergy.coop. You can also call us Monday through Friday, between 9am and 5pm, at 215.413.2122. Signing up for our Renewable Natural Gas program only takes a few minutes—and even less if you have your gas utility bill in hand.

What are the advantages of The Energy Co-op’s cooperative business model?

Because The Energy Co-op is a nonprofit that is owned by its members, our staff operates the cooperative business in an open, transparent manner. We answer to our members. So, there are no gimmicks or tricks. We like to think of ourselves as the energy supplier you can trust. In addition, we can innovate in ways that corporations have not. In 1999, The Energy Co-op became the first supplier of renewable electricity in southeastern Pennsylvania. And now, ours is the first—and only—Renewable Natural Gas program in the area.

What’s the difference between The Energy Co-op’s RNG program and other “green” gas options?

Many gas suppliers that advertise a “green” option purchase carbon offsets on your behalf. These offsets can be generated from investing in energy efficiency projects, planting trees, and other such projects that are intended to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. However, carbon offset projects do not necessarily reduce drilling or fracking, nor do they promote the use of abundant, sustainable biogas.  As far as we know, The Energy Co-op’s RNG program is currently the only one serving southeastern Pennsylvania that directly supports the production and use of RNG.

Will participating in this program affect any billing assistance programs?

Choosing The Energy Co-op should not affect your use of Budget Billing, your eligibility for LIHEAP, or the Senior Discount on the distribution portion of your gas utility bill. Unfortunately, neither PGW customers with CRP nor PECO customers on CAP are eligible to choose any gas supplier other than their gas utility at this time.