Energy Efficiency Audit Summary

Home Energy Assessment

Prepared by Energy Coordinating Agency
For Members of The Energy Co-op

The energy efficiency audit prepared by ECA includes two main components:


  1. Inspection and testing of your home or business, its construction materials, and electricity- or fuel-powered
  2. A comprehensive report to help you understand your current energy use and consider actions you could take to
    reduce your current energy use and cost.

The energy efficiency audit itself covers the following areas that can cause energy inefficiencies:


    • Heating & Air Conditioning – Accounts for 54% of the average household’s energy usage
    • Water HeatingThe second largest use of energy in the typical household, about 16%
    • Lighting – About 6% of the average home’s annual energy budget
    • Appliances – Energy efficient equipment can reduce energy usage by 10 to 50%
    • Windows & Doors – Leaky seals lead to energy waste and uncomfortable homes
    • Attic & Ceiling Insulation – Inadequate thickness or quality increases heating and cooling costs
    • Wall Insulation – Proper R-value will reduce heating loss during winter and heat gain in summer
    • Air Infiltration & Ventilation – Eliminate or reduce drafts, moisture penetration, and risk of mold
    • Foundation Insulation – Exposed concrete/masonry floors and walls lose energy during winter
    • How You Use Energy Currently – How and how much energy you now waste or use efficiently
    • How You Could Use Less Energy – How and how much energy and cost you could save
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The Energy Co-op is partnering with the Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA) to offer members an in-depth audit by a certified energy professional. Sign up for an energy efficiency audit today and learn how to use less energy and use it more efficiently.