ECA Home Energy Audit Program FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions


How do I sign up for an energy audit? 

To purchase a home energy audit through ECA, please contact ECA directly by submitting this webform.  

ECA will forward the audit request to its contractor, Energy Saving Construction. The ESC team will reach out to you within 48 hours to schedule the energy audit with one of its BPI certified auditors. 

Once the audit is performed, you will remit payment via check to the Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA). If you decide to proceed with recommended services or repairs, the cost of the audit will be deducted from your initial quote, provided the services total over $1,000.   


What is included in the energy audit?  

An audit performed by ECA includes the following components: 

  • Blower door test to identify air leakages and drafty windows 
  • Thermographic scan to further identify areas in need of insulation 
  • Testing of refrigerators, freezers, water heaters, and HVAC systems for energy efficiency 
  • Combustion testing for fossil fuel-fired appliances  
  • Testing for leaks in natural gas or propane gas pipelines  
  • Thermostat education 


Will I receive a report with recommendations or guidance on how to make my home more energy efficient? 

Yes! ECA will provide a comprehensive audit report. For any energy efficiency recommendations made, the report will estimate the associated costs of upgrades, as well as the approximate return on investment. 

The most common energy efficiency measures recommended as a result of ECA’s comprehensive energy audits include: 

  • Air sealing and insulation 
  • Attic insulation 
  • Weatherstripping of doors and windows  
  • Replacement of windows  
  • Tune-ups of HVAC equipment 
  • Replacement of energy inefficient refrigerators, water heaters, and other appliances 
  • Replacement of heating systems with energy efficient models  


Am I required to purchase additional services if I receive an energy audit? 

Although ECA may make recommendations for improving your home’s energy efficiency, you are not required to purchase additional energy efficiency services if you receive an energy audit.  


Are any installations included as part of the audit?   

ECA may install LED bulbs as part of the energy audit. 


How much does an ECA energy audit cost?  

The price of an ECA energy audit is $500. As part of our partnership, Energy Co-op members who wish to purchase additional energy efficiency services through ECA are eligible to apply the cost of the energy audit to those services, provided the requisite services total at least $1,000.  


Are there any tax credits or incentives available to subsidize the cost?  

You may be eligible for tax credits through the Inflation Reduction Act (IRA). More information on IRS guidelines for home energy audit tax credits can be found here. 


Questions? Contact us at, or give us a call at (215) 413.2122.