Stay cool and build a better Pennsylvania

By Morgan Pitts 5/1/2019

Summer is almost here – and if recent history is any guide, that will mean more unbearably hot days than average. From 1874 to 1986, temperatures in Philadelphia surpassed 90 degrees over 40 times in one year only twice. From 1987 – 2017, it happened seven times.

This summer, stay cool and help build a better Pennsylvania by sourcing renewable electricity from The Energy Co-op. Founded in 1979 in the Mt. Airy neighborhood of Philadelphia, the association has grown to serve thousands of its members across southeastern Pennsylvania.

The Energy Co-op’s mission embodies our commitment to the community we serve. Energy is a complicated topic; in states with consumer choice for electricity (such as Pennsylvania), even more so. But, the ability to choose your energy supplier means that you can vote with your energy dollars to choose clean electricity and support suppliers who share your values.

At The Energy Co-op, we believe that not only should we provide energy as affordably and sustainably as possible, but we should help everyone understand energy better. Energy is a universal need, but the costs associated with the purchase and use of electricity can vary widely from household to household. Poorly insulated homes or inefficient air conditioning equipment, for example, can cause bills to soar.

As a community-driven energy supplier, we believe it is our role to help people understand what they can do to cut down their energy costs. This is why we go to events and talk energy with attendees, support local and regional education initiatives, and partner with a wide array of community organizations. Our job is not only to provide affordable, sustainable energy options to our members, but to help our community buy and use energy wisely.

When you join The Energy Co-op, you’re not only getting clean energy, you’re also supporting our work to educate the community and build a better Pennsylvania. So, if you haven’t already, join us and power your home or business with 100% renewable electricity today.