We are our members

By Morgan Pitts 7/17/2019

The Energy Co-op is more than another energy commodity supplier. Sure, we offer 100% wind and solar electricity, Renewable Natural Gas, and affordable home heating oil. But, we’re also a community of people who care about clean energy, energy literacy, and access to affordable energy resources. We’re not like other energy suppliers – we don’t have salespeople who go door to door, nor do we use robocalling or other aggressive, intrusive sales techniques. Instead, we focus on building a community of people who want to make Pennsylvania a better place by making better energy choices.

This year, we’re working to build that community and expand our reach. We recently held our Annual Member Meeting, attended by dozens of members, partners, and other interested members of the public who came together to meet, network, learn about the state of the cooperative and ask questions of Energy Co-op staff. We also convened our Member Volunteer Committee, a member-driven initiative to build community and help The Energy Co-op recruit new members who share our commitment to buy, use, and understand energy better. In the coming months, we’ll be forming neighborhood-specific member groups to create opportunities for members to come together and organize around energy, sustainability, and climate issues close to home and to spread the message about the community-driven energy alternative.

In addition to these member initiatives, we’ve continued getting out into the community with outreach and education events. Have an event in your community where you’d like an Energy Co-op team member to speak about current developments in the energy industry? Or, would you like for us to bring a table and Energy Jeopardy (a fun, informative quiz game for kids of all ages) to your fair or farmers’ market? Email us at events@theenergy.coop.

Or, if you are a current member and want more ways to be involved, please email us at members@theenergy.coop and we’ll be happy to let you know about upcoming volunteer opportunities.

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